About Our Company

Le paon

Established in 2016 by Kawaf ltd., Le Paon has been creating an authentic Belgian experience through the art of chocolate-making. Yes, we believe that making chocolates is an art form. We regard our team of specialists as skillful artists, bringing their domestic and international training to fruition in our kitchen. Every masterpiece is born of high-quality ingredients, artisanally mixed and refined, then wrapped with elegance to produce world-class, premium chocolate. Discover the beauty in luxury brought to life by our passion from our hands to yours. Our Mission As a company, we live and breathe cocoa. Our goal is to become one of the world’s leading premium chocolate brands through the perfect blend of luxury, quality, and creativity. We take pride in using only the highest quality ingredients. Each grain undergoes several filtration processes, ensuring just the right flavor to satisfy your sweet tooth. We spare no effort to bring security not just for us but also for our consumers and trusted partners as well. We go above and beyond to give our customers the exquisite taste and rich texture exclusive to deluxe chocolates. Our Promise We love chocolates, and it pours into every intricate detail of our craft. We put an emphasis on quality and safety, striving to meet and exceed standards set by the industry. Unrelenting in our pursuit of perfection, we’re always searching for ways to bring you unique, satisfying experiences in every way we can. Our continuous policy of delivering excellence and innovation is achieved through extensive R&D studies. By combining age-old tradition with modern technology, we can create timeless classics that capture the hearts of the most avid chocolate connoisseurs.